Fix the Roads First

Each of us has a home budget that requires prioritizing our spending. In Pima County, the Roads need to be the first priority each and every year. With each new budget, I will vote to provide full funding for road repairs before any other consideration. I will advocate for spending an additional 10% of the General Fund monies each year until the failed and failing roads are repaired.


No new taxes

Chuck Huckelberry produces budgets each year with ‘extra’ dollars for the majority to spend each year. At the end of the 2018-2019 budget year, the combined budget balances for all departments exceeded $61 million dollars. This was accomplished by passing the budget the previous year with ‘extra’ job slots budgeted for each department knowing that those positions would never be filled. $61 million would have paved a lot of roads. WE DO NOT NEED TO RAISE ANY TAXES!


Support our sheriff

The Pima County Sheriff is a constitutionally authorized office. The officeholder is the chief law enforcement officer in the county. He/she does not need the Board of Supervisors micro-managing each decision. The voters have the authority to keep or remove the Sheriff. Provide the proper funding and support our front line first responders across Pima County


End the Corruption

This map shows how years of failed priorities have corrupted all activities in the county government. As I have walked the district this map has demonstrated the level of corruption in one picture far more than any words can fully describe. My priorities will be voting to remove anyone that has enabled the activities that have led to this level of corruption. I will enlarge the attached map and laminate it. During every board meeting, I will have the map behind me. For each agenda item, I will ask each of the other members what this discussion topic has to do with fixing the roads. I will not take no for an answer.

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Pima Failed Roads 01.06.20


Paid for by Beard for Supervisor. Authorized by Bill Beard.