"With Ally Miller not running for another term in District 1, it’s critical that Pima County elect a very capable and committed replacement to carry on her mission. That individual needs to have an in-depth understanding of county government, knows the basis of sound fiscal policy, and a strong grasp of the concept of serving their constituents.


This individual must also have the courage to take on the corruption and cronyism that has stagnated Pima County’s economic growth and has led to the decay of county infrastructure, namely roads and bridges.  Pima County needs a Supervisor that understands the importance of individual liberty, to include property rights and those rights protected by the Constitution of the United States and the State of Arizona.

Therefore, after looking at the potential field of candidates vying for the job, I have come to the obvious conclusion that the best person, with the resume, the demonstrated leadership and stellar track record of integrity to fill this important office is Mr. Bill Beard.


I’ve known Bill for well over a decade. He’s a tireless advocate for the taxpayer and has demonstrated the courage to fight for what’s right, even when the odds are against him.  From fighting to protect your vote by increasing election integrity, to standing as a shield to protect your 2nd Amendment Rights, Bill has stood strong. He’s not a quitter and I’m positive the one thing he won’t do is let down the taxpayers of Pima County.


Bill will fight to make sure state and local funding obligated to road repair will do just that, fix the darn roads. He will be there for the men and women of Pima County’s Sheriff’s Department by making sure they aren’t used as political pawns and that they receive the adequate funding to do their job and keep the citizens of Pima County safe.


For these and many other reasons, I offer my wholehearted endorsement of Bill Beard for Supervisor, District One. The people of District 1 and Pima County can be assured of Bill’s commitment to sound, fair and responsible government. You can be assured a vote for Bill Beard will be a sound and wise decision."

Frank Antenori

Former Arizona State Senator

"Bill Beard is the clear choice for the open seat on the Pima County Board of Supervisors from District 1. Pima County needs a tireless advocate to expose and question the use of taxpayers’ dollars; someone unafraid to challenge the entrenched political machines.  Having worked with Bill on several campaigns, often against overwhelming odds, I know he will relentlessly push for accountable governance and honest budgeting. With family roots dating back before Arizona was a state, the business and political experience needed, and the personal character do persevere, Bill will be both the watchdog and public servant that Pima County deserves.

Please join me in supporting Bill Beard for Pima County Supervisor."


Chris Ackerley
Former Arizona State Representative 

"With family roots dating back to the 1890’s, when Arizona was still a territory, Bill is committed to serving the citizens of Pima County. I have known Bill since 1995.  I know his work ethic and commitment to doing the job right!!! With over thirty years of business management experience, Bill understands how to make a payroll.  He will not be a Supervisor who takes a check for keeping the seat warm…but a Supervisor who will work every day and watch every penny the county spends…and where it is spent!!!"

Kathleen Dunbar

Former Arizona State Representative & Tucson City Councilmember

“Pima County needs leadership that will focus on the taxpayers and end the secret deals that occur behind the scenes. I’m endorsing Bill Beard for Supervisor in District One, as I know Bill will be a watchdog for the taxpayer’s money and will work to make sure the county has honest budgeting.  Bill has the character and the drive to change the status quo, proven through his record of working with local and state officials that helped to increase government accountability.”


Terri Proud

Former Arizona State Representative

"I am pleased to endorse Bill Beard in his campaign for Pima County Supervisor: District 1. As an Arizona State Senator (2009-15), I was impressed with his hard-working public service. I share his priorities of fixing public roads, election integrity, protecting our Second Amendment rights, and promoting small businesses. He will do a great job as Pima County Supervisor; District 1."

Al Melvin

Former Arizona State Senator


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